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Real Estate Developers, Owners, and Investors
The Law Office of Craig W. Little, P.A. provides real estate
developers and clients of the law firm who own or invest in
real property with prompt and reliable service that
addresses the many problematic issues they can face with
practical solutions specifically tailored to their needs.  

The firm helps these clients perform due diligence on real
property, review the title to property, review and evaluate
easements, prepare new easements, review and interpret
restrictions that may impact the use of property, or prepare
new restrictions to assist with the orderly development and
operation of the project.  Relying on its experience, the law
firm also effectively counsels its clients throughout the
negotiation and closing of various real estate transactions
including the purchase or sale of real property, leasing  
property to commercial tenants, residential leases, and  
ground leasing property.  The knowledgeable
representation provided by the firm also assists these
clients with the resolution of various contractual disputes
and the negotiation of the many contracts and agreements
they must contend with including general business
contracts, property management and project operation
contracts, and construction contracts.  The law firm also
counsels its clients in matters related to the operation of
their business and helps them resolve landlord and tenant
disputes as well as address the numerous other disputes,
claims, demands, and legal actions that they will often be
forced to contend with.  The firm has also worked with
clients forming and operating both residential and
commercial condominiums.  

The Law Office of Craig W. Little, P.A. effectively
represents its clients throughout diverse real estate
transactions and offers practical and cost effective
solutions to the varied issues real estate developers,
owners of real estate, and investors in real estate must

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