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    Real Estate Broker's Listing or Commission Agreements

    Provisions Related to the Commission

     When a Commission is Earned

   Other Provisions Related to the Commission

    Provisions Not Related to the Commission

    The Expiration of the Listing or Commission Agreement

    Broker's Right to Lien the Property to Secure Commission

    Common Types of Listing or Commission Agreements

    A Summary of Florida Real Estate Broker Lien Statutes

    Sales Commission Lien

    Lease Commission Lien

    Analysis of Real Estate Broker’s Procuring Cause Doctrine

    Examination of Expenses Passed Through to Tenants

    Which Expenses are Typically Passed Through

    Which Expenses are Typically Not Passed Through

    Issues Related to Limits on Pass Through Expenses       

   Management Fees

    Care in Assessing Tenants for Pass Through Expenses

    Calculating Tenant's Proportionate Share of Operating
    Expenses Under a Net Commercial Lease

    Calculating Square Footage Attributable to a Tenant

    Calculating Tenant's Proportionate Share of Operating

    Issues Related to Commercial Property Leases

    Lease Provisions

    Provisions Related to Build-Out of Leased

    Provisions Related to Lease Operations

    Analysis of Commercial Gross Leases and Net Leases

     Gross Leases

     Net Leases

     Which Form of Commercial Lease to Use

    Tenant's Rights when the Leased Property is Foreclosed

     Residential Tenants

     Commercial Tenants

    Requirements for Valid and Enforceable Leases in Florida    

    The Florida Statutory Procedure for Evicting Tenants

    Commercial Tenant

    Residential Tenant

    Analysis of Short Sales of Residential or Commercial

    Process of Listing Property and Making an Offer

    Lender’s Short Sale Approval Procedure

    Seller's Considerations

        Is Seller Likely to be approved for a Short Sale?

        Seller’s Submittal Package

        Lender’s Involvement in the Short Sale Process

        Why Lenders Reject Offers for Short Sales

        Additional Items to Negotiate with Lender

        If the Short Sale Does Not Close

    Buyer's Considerations

        Is Buyer a Good Candidate for a Short Sale?

        Due Diligence the Short Sale Buyers Should Undertake

        Pricing the Offer

        Formulating the other offer terms

    Introduction to Title Insurance

    Types of Title Insurance Policies

    What Title Insurance Insures

    What Title Insurance Does Not Insure

    How the Title Insurance Commitment is Produced

    What is Included in the Commitment

    Marking Up the Commitment and Finalizing the Title
      Insurance Policy

    What is Included in the Policy

    Types of Deeds Most Commonly Utilized in Florida

    Warranty Deed

        Warranties of Title and Property Rights

        Duty to Defend the Title to the Real Property

    Special Warranty Deed

    Quitclaim Deed

Procedures and Requirements for Lease Expiration and


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