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          Introduction to Title Insurance

What Title Insurance Does Not Insure

However, there are numerous risks which title insurance does
not insure against.  Title insurance will not insure against losses
resulting from any of the following uninsured risks: an
instrument that is specifically disclosed within the policy and
therefore excluded from the title insurance coverage (a
separate schedule of exceptions to the insurance coverage is
part of the title insurance policy and is usually identified as
Schedule B); matters which arise after the effective date of the
policy; matters which do not result in any loss or damage to the
insured property interest or loss of priority of insured liens;
defects known by the insured party but not recorded in the
Public Records or disclosed to the company underwriting the
title insurance policy; defects created, assumed or approved by
the insured party; governmental rights of eminent domain;
applicable public laws, regulations, codes, or ordinances; or the
loss of personal property.

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